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Mission Team Leader Bio

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Susan Zidlicky,
Founder & President of Light of Love Ministry and Mission Team Leader

Susan was born and raised in Austin, Texas. She graduated from the University of Texas with a degree in Communications. Susan worked in the corporate world for several years doing marketing for some of Chicago’s largest law firms. She and her husband have four sons and live in the western suburbs of Chicago.


Light of Love Ministry was born from a vision that had been on Susans heart for many years. In 2013, Susan felt inspired to go on her first mission trip to the Dominican Republic where her eyes and heart were opened to those in need. The following year, she took her second mission trip to Uganda where she met friends who became like family and missionaries who motivated her to continue on this path of her journey.

The next trips were El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Honduras with her family, creating new traditions of service-oriented Spring breaks. Her children are now part of the story as they've learned how to love and serve people all over the world.


Malawi and Kenya came next on Susan's mission world map. Africa is filled with beautiful stories of love, hardship, perseverance, and joy. Susan's most recent service trips were to Kenya and Jordan. Each of these countries have unique cultures, deep histories and are full of wonderful and loving people.

Altogether, these nine countries have built a backbone for what is now Light of Love Ministry. Every trip, every service opportunity, and every country, has guided Susan’s vision for how she wants to inspire and teach others to love and serve our brothers and sisters around the world. With every sequential trip, Susan has added knowledge and developed ideas on how she would like to lead teams and serve those in need in the future.​

Susan is excited to lead a handful of mission trips for Light of Love Ministry this year and next!

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